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Houston re piping services provided by our Clean Team Plumbing crew comes with a 10 year guarantee from us and a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty when PEX water lines are installed. Many homes in the Houston  area have old galvanized pipes. This leads to a lot of homeowners needing Houston repiping because the galvanized pipes don’t last more than 50 years. In Houston we often see galvanized pipes failing after 25 – 30 years because of the minerals in the water. Galvanized pipe replacement in Houston is needed because the pipes actually rust from the inside out. This means you don’t know if you need a Houston repipe until it becomes urgent.

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FAQs Regarding Whole House Re-Pipes in Houston:

How do I know if I need to re-pipe my home?  If you are:

  • Experiencing low water pressure
  • Getting scalded while in shower when someone uses another plumbing fixture
  • Rusty colored water
  • Leaky pipes
  • Pipe corrosion
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Why shouldn’t my regular plumber do the job repiping in my Houston home?

- At Clean Team Plumbing, we have been specializing in PEX re-piping for over 15 years. We use less invasive techniques to maintain the integrity of your home.

How long will I be without water in my home?

Many times we are able to fully complete the Houston repipe within 2-3 days. However, during the Houston re-piping process, you will only be left without use of water during certain times of the day. Upon leaving each evening, the customer will be provided with a functioning bathroom and kitchen with both hot and cold water.

What type of material will be used to re-pipe my home?

Clean Team Plumbing is proud to be a certified Uponor PEX Pipe installer. Please click here to learn more about this innovative product.

Is the Houston re-pipe work guaranteed?

All of our Houston re pipes come with a 10-year guarantee on parts and labor through Clean Team Plumbing.  Since we are certified as a premier Uponor installer, you will also receive a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on the material through Uponor.

What do I need to do during the re-pipe?

We take care of everything to make sure your re-pipe experience is a pleasant one. We pull all necessary permits, call for city inspections, maintain a neat working environment out of respect for your home, and if requested we will also provide sheetrock repair the customer with sheetrock repair at the penetration sights. Call us today to learn more about our Houston repiping and galvanized pipe replacement services.
Houston Re-piping

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